Moving Forward

art-of-moving-onI have neglected this blog for so long, and it pains me to not be as consistent as what I’ve intended. For over 3 years, this blog has been my personal creative outlet. I’ve made a few connections, and this blog helped land me a few freelance positions including a contributing role at Elite Daily. Wow, writing that all of a sudden gave me a nostalgic perception of this blog already.

I created a new site called MentalSuite. It will focus primarily on psychological health with an inspirational twist. With a psychology background and a keen interest in the subject, I want to share to the world my personal take. I will describe the cool quirks of how the human brain works and touch on real life examples of individuals who managed their way out of hardships. Generally speaking, you can call it a “self-help” blog, but without the cheesy “positivity” BS.

Of all the years of blogging, I struggled to find a niche. This whole time I have just been upfront and very open with my personal life. I have had a personal blog for over 15 years, stemming back from the Xanga days to Blogspot, and now, WordPress. In total, I must have had over 6 different personal blog accounts. I did not mind talking about my personal life, but as far as seriously considering becoming a successful blogger, a niche is necessary. 

MentalSuite has a niche – a relatively broad niche with a subject matter that is still new, and quite untouched. I have a very clear vision of what I want to take out of it. This time, I cannot make any more excuses to place it on the back burner. I’ve done that one too many times already with my personal blogs. That will now be my new business. Let’s cross our fingers and hope it will be a success.


PS: I may not be gone forever. I still need a personal outlet. 🙂