Kickstarting Goals

Tomorrow is the half marathon. Just last week, I hesitantly decided to participate in it. Amid not having worked out in the last several months, I’m surprised my stamina is still maintained (I jogged hardcore in the last 2 weeks). According to my FitBit, I run an average of 10 minutes per mile, which I think is pretty decent. I could do better, but considering the fact that I haven’t jogged consistently, I can’t really complain. I got to enjoy this young body before it wears off!

The reason why I decided to run in this marathon goes far beyond “just wanting to run in a marathon.” It’s not just a physical act of training, sweat and endurance. The marathon itself is symbolic in that it is a goal. It is a goal that I can look back on and be proud of…for myself. No one can take it away from me. Even if one takes my medal, which is nothing but a tangible item, I still know in my heart that I have completed a race that takes an incredible amount of hard work and determination.

One of my bucket list goals was to complete a full marathon – that was from last year, and I’m disappointed I have not fulfilled that. I’ve made countless excuses not to run: I am not in shape, I have no time, I am not in the mood. If I had the willingness to BE in shape, to MAKE the time, and to PUSH myself to complete that bucket list item, then the outcome would’ve been totally different. Today, I do not want to make anymore excuses. I am done doing myself a disservice. I want to love myself and make myself proud.

Setting forth goals for myself helps propel me forward. I start off with what is feasible and timely. The marathon is a great example in this because I know I will complete it under the time limit and it’s literally tomorrow. This goal will be a stepping stone toward several other goals I have in my life. The ultimate one: publish a book.

When I fulfill a specific goal, small or large, this will generate momentum and motivation to work on the next goal and so forth. I can no longer make excuses. No more holding it off for tomorrow. I can’t afford to waste time anymore. The time is always in the present. When I consistently tell myself to wait it out, I fall into the trap of laziness. However, when I keep myself diligent in aiming forward, I have maintained a habit of a successful and fulfilling life.





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