Boston’s Tinder Way of Healing the Heart

During this vacation drought, I have endured a slew of failed Tinder dates, with the most recent temporarily causing me to lose my sanity. After dating guys on autopilot, this last one really gave me a wake-up call: I don’t think any guy can be trusted. He played me so well, even the smartest girl wouldn’t detect the slightest hint of his hidden agenda. That was the last straw. My attempts to apply everything I learned in the past are useless.

I have decided on a completely different approach: Tinder like there’s no tomorrow.

I took a week off from work to take a breather away from the constraints real life is known to give. My body had to physically be in a completely different geographic location to unwind the petty trauma my heart recently faced. Upon my boss’ approval, I immediately sifted through cheap round-trip plane tickets that will take me to a land far, far away from my lackluster city of Dallas. Who intentionally travels to Dallas, by the way?

It was a toss-up between Seattle or Boston. Boston was cheaper.

I didn’t plan, nor did I do my research of the city, aside from making reservations to a hostel. I just wanted to be there.

As soon as my plane landed, I did the  unthinkable: I re-downloaded my Tinder app, which has been deleted since the start of a budding relationship, which eventually failed. It was my first time to ever use Tinder out of town, and I was excited to see what this novel experience could bring. I had nothing to lose. With my history of getting easily attached and heartbroken too easily, Tinder traveling would help me loosen up and have the time of my life with no strings attached. Tinder dating across the country would give me no reason to get upset after not hearing back from the guy.

During my four-day vacation, my role as a Tinder user switched from female to male. I began to right-swipe erratically, getting the most matches as I can in the limited time I had in the city. Being a girl, it wasn’t very hard to find a match. I was a little astonished, to say the least, at the percentage of well-educated users on the app living in Boston. I bet that city has a higher per capita of Ivy League grads than anywhere else in the country. Education is a priority for my potential dates. Why would I invest my time and energy on someone with a hollow brain? I should just move there since I like to surround myself with smart people.

I edited my profile to say “Hey, I’m in Boston for only 4 days! Let’s meet up! :)” I’ve come across some very intelligent individuals. In my limited time span, there was no room to be too picky, or engage in pointless conversation prior to the first meet. By the way, 100% of my previous encounters on Tinder were pretty useless in the end. As far as meeting the guys in Boston, it may be the first and last time I’ll ever see them, unfortunately, but I’m already resigned to the expectation I will never hear back. After all, I’m the one going back home, so there’s no reason for me to be hurt after becoming a victim of ghosting.

So, the guys:

Chris is a 31 year old Cornell alum, now working as an attorney.

Warren is 34 – currently in medical school.

Greg* is 33 – Graduated from Dartmouth, worked for the White House, went bowling at the White House, travels first class on almost every international flight, and now works for the government. This one really stuck out and is who I became Facebook friends with – name is changed.


Harpoon Brewery
Legal Seafood’s – Clam Chowder
He took a photo of me – I didn’t ask. Harpoon Brewery
Not relevant to the dates, but here i am, at the Duck Tour!


At the very least, my experience with each of them was great. What’s so great about Tinder dating out of town is that you get to have your own personalized tour of the city. It sure beats the generic tours. We walked aimlessly around town while they pointed out specific areas with a brief history – if this was a tourist-driven tour guide, I’d be half asleep. I went to Harpoon Brewery, which is, according to Warren, the place to go by non-tourists. Before heading to Boston, I made it a priority to at least try the clam chower, or shall I say, chowda? Greg was okay spontaneously meeting me the very night before my early morning flight – I just wanted chowda!

In my experience, traveling is truly the #1 cure for heartbreaks – Tinder traveling helps makes moving on much easier. I will point out that sex in my recent Boston experience was in no way involved. If that’s your thing, then go for it! Traveling out of spontaneity doesn’t necessarily have to happen following a relationship meltdown – it can be used as just a general refresher. Physically placing your body in a new geographic location (traveling) is really healthy for you. I will sure to try it again on my next solo-trip. There are so many wonderful people you can meet in the world, and because I’m happily single, there’s nothing holding me back.


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