Falling in place

At this very moment, as I’m typing away this post, I am at one of my high points in life. Things are going well – a budding relationship (maybe), a promotion, making it on the front page of Yelp, and a blog based in New York emailed me requesting I join their contributor team – all this happened within the last 2 days.

It feels like I have a steady surge of serotonin flowing between my neurons right now; the feeling is awesome – best yet, no drugs were involved. Hooray, for natural happiness!

There really is no equation for this level of happiness. Some of it is luck with a mixture of hard work and dedication – omit the romance part, as it’s kind of an extraneous, yet pending, contribution to how I’m feeling right now.

I wanted to make a quick update documenting my rare emotional peak. Normally I don’t ever write a lot when something good happens; I do vice versa. If you were to skim through the rest of my blog, you’d instantaneously perceive me to be a very depressed individual, with nothing good to say. Writing about sadness is almost like a puzzle – trying to find the right words to craft a beautifully complex emotion. I always think of this puzzle as an emotionally challenging game. It stimulates the mind, and when the finished product is moments away from the”Publish” button, I get this quick sense of accomplishment, even when it’s going to depress someone reading it – sorry.


On the other hand, writing about happiness doesn’t have the same effect. I always feel too self-inflated elaborating of all the good things happening to me, so I’ll talk about one of the things that made me happy today:

I have been Yelp Elite for over 5 years now – it’s a great group to be a part of. As a member, I get invited to clubs, events, restaurant openings, games, etc. – all for free. Not exactly sure if there’s a tough criteria to reach to make it to the club, since I know a few Yelp Elites, who shall not be named, write terribly – errors in syntax, punctuation, run-on sentences, misspellings…it’s a grammar Nazi’s nightmare. Regardless of that, I do pride myself with the Elite status and making it to the “Review of the Day” section from time to time. I woke up this morning when one of my Yelp friends congratulated me for making it on the front page. This recognition does nothing, but reinforces my motivation to write more.

Below is a picture during one of the Elite events at Community Beer Co. about a year ago. I met my Yelp twin!








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