Journalism: Wake-up call

After attending the prayer vigil in downtown Dallas, an impromptu event following the deadly shootout of 5 police officers, I was reminded of my deep-rooted passions: journalism. I’ve never been in a place that was heavily concentrated with news reporters, journalists, photo-journalists, camera crew and anything involved with the press. I tried to relish the present moment, as I was witnessing a day in the life of a reporter.

Real-life, whatever that may be, has altered the direction I wanted to follow. Just excuses; partly because of the impracticality of the field. Not only that, Naysayers kept on discouraging me. It’s too competitive…Well, good luck with that…You’ll be struggling to earn a living. I listened. And now I’m in shambles – not really. I just wish I’d be doing something I’m ultimately passionate about, regardless of the anticipated pitfalls involved.

The reason why I wanted to participate in the vigil is to only document the event. It literally was a block away from my building, so I may well be present. I wasn’t there to focus on the main subject –  I was there to capture the emotions on people’s faces, the intensity, and humanity at its low point. I find a lot of beauty in sadness. I even wanted to take photos of the camera crew and reporters just because the sight of them seemed pretty cool, as I’ve never been in an event heavily involved with the press. I wasn’t emotionally engaged with what was actually going on — I think this is a trait required of all journalists. Your job is to get a story across. Period.

Later that afternoon, I had a wake-up call that really encouraged, and reminded me, to actively pursue my passions again – CNN discovered a photo I posted on Instagram and wants to use it on all their media platforms and affiliates. I  had a paralyzed expression of awe on my face for the 24 hours that followed. The photo was of a civilian shaking hands with a cop. Who would have known that just a few taps on my iPhone screen would make a big impression.