Resolutions, resolutions…

How’s everyone’s New Year’s Resolutions going so far? Did you give up your diet yet?

I’ve always wondered why people wait until the end of the year to make resolutions. It’s not like we’re limited to a short time period dedicated to reinvent ourselves and make resolutions for the upcoming new year. In my ancient blog (which is abandoned now) I did remember writing about the same topic. My point is, why can’t we just use any random date of any given year as a point of reference for a new year?

I think we should always strive to better ourselves, no matter what time of year, and engage in a lot of self-reflection and meditation. I think it’s a really healthy practice, as it puts us in the present and makes us more conscious of our surroundings. Since I was 12, I’ve regularly updated in my handwritten journal and blog. With this consistency, I was very much in tune with my emotions. Writing was almost like meditation. Since I’m a fully grown adult now (at least I hope I am), writing has been a challenge to fit into my schedule. I don’t want to publish anything, unless I know it’s good. And in order to write quality content, it takes time. I need to sit in a room, stare at a wall for an X amount of embarrassing long minutes (maybe hours…) to let my ideas flow coherently. This is how serious I am about writing, and also why I’ve been absent for long periods of time.

I haven’t been consistent in my writing, but I am trying. Not just to enlighten my readers, but for myself, as well. So, what’s my resolution? Write more!

Today, I made a non-regrettable splurge at Barnes & Noble and purchased a Moleskine journal. I love it dearly! Most people think it’s just an expensive journal, but it’s super high quality — similar to that of a book. For me, if I’m spending over $20 for a journal, I’m going to take much better care of it, as opposed to a $1 notebook you can get at Wally World. It writes smoothly and helps keep me on track and inspired. I’ve so far been reading “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg (speaking of which), and been writing notes on my journal about that. I highly recommend the book!

I also created a Bucket List. Here it is:CYfQruJUkAENXnU.jpg-large


One thought on “Resolutions, resolutions…

  1. Hello there Renee,
    If we all ( writery persons) hid until our work was perfect, we wouldn’t learn the lessons we need to improve. I know because to some extent I am still hiding. My grammar isn’t strong enough, my punctuation is flawed, others are better than me, I am not good enough. I have even said… wait for it, I haven’t a degree, most Authors do. The above lists various excuses I have made in the past excuses to procrastinate. I am using your platform now to procrastinate from my second draft which winks at me from the corner of my desk.
    I started my “healthy eating plan” on 22nd of December and deliberately did not call it the Dee word as everyone knows they don’t work.
    Keep writing remember if someone took away pen paper keyboards and books, a writer would use a stick and blood. X😇 Happy writing and heres to a great 2016 🍻


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