First New York City Experience

I planned a solo trip to visit New York, NY from September 30th thru October 4th, 2015. It was my very first time visiting the city and have always wanted to go most of my life. None of my friends and family could join, either because of money or scheduling conflicts, but I didn’t let that stop me. New York was the place on my to-do list, regardless of anything. My trip was incredibly short, but an unforgettable learning experience. Everything I was told about the city was on par of my expectations, maybe even better.

The energy is so overwhelming! I almost couldn’t contain all the things that were going on all at once. Every street corner you turn, it’s another world. My first day roaming the city, it seemed like I had a permanent smile stuck on my face. I never in my life experienced having to contain my enthusiasm. Even when I got lost, I was still smiling. I decided to be positive and relish the moment to look up at the skyscrapers and all the activities surrounding me.  In a big city like this, you are your own individual. It’s a hustle and bustle city. It’s go-go-go. When you are in New York, you don’t fret the small things. No wonder people who live here tend to be successful.

Photobomb by cameraman made it even better

Long before I planned my visit, I actually made it a goal to be on the TODAY Show on NBC, meet Al Roker, and have a photo with him. Waking up at 4:30AM my first day, taking a taxicab from Brooklyn and getting in line at 5AM is so worth it. I didn’t think I’d actually have a chance to do all 3, but I lucked out! If you want to meet the anchors of the TODAY Show, then you gotta wake up early! This was actually the highlight of my visit.

I spent the last day of my trip visiting Chinatown and headed towards Bryant Park, and sadly headed off to Laguardia Airport as my final destination. I’m amazed at how I easily picked up on how the subway system works because I navigated through towns and actually knew where I was going on my last day. My first ever NYC trip was the most I’ve learned in such a short time span. I would definitely love to go back – this time longer.

Below is a raw video I shot at Bryant Park, and it’s a little south of Central Park. I didn’t want to make a fancy New York City tourist video with crazy video edits and background music. If I ever want to show to people what NYC is like, then I should show snippets of the city and the people in it. I honestly had a hard time as a potential tourist to find videos that showed New York, as it really is. Enjoy!


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