Losing a Blog Audience

It’s one of the worst feelings you could ever face on the Internet.

I started this blog from the ground up last summer 2014. It was so difficult getting noticed and gaining visitors, as I resisted the urge to spam. I contributed to multiple websites and blogged regularly. I was on a roll…really, I was satisfied with the number of likes and/or comments I would receive on each post, even though it wasn’t that much. People were actually reading my posts and engaged in the material. It was amazing!

Then 2 things happened to me: The worst 9-5 job and a sociopathic relationship. These have hindered my ability to see the real world. I was naive and didn’t think about my passions in the long run. Lesson to learn: Don’t let ANYone or ANYthing get in the way of achieving what it is you want. EVER.

Blogging was like therapy. I could share my ideas and experiences freely. The only person limiting me from self-expression is myself. Now after I have hid myself in the shadows for 9+ months, I have become unknown. People forgot about me. It’s like I have to rebuild what I demolished.

If anyone is out there, I am still alive. I will make it imperative to maintain what it is I started.

By the way, I’m afraid my writing skills went downhill.