My Life is Gone

Archival Poetry: The below poem was written as I was driving on a dark cloudy morning 5 years ago. Wanted to share it.


I walk across this foggy haze
To see my life pass through its phase
I’m trapped in this confusing place
Or am I lost without a trace?
I want some help and so I scream
From the dark without a dream
Time is ticking hard and cold
By the ticks, I can’t unfold

I try to make my life as sane
But all I know it’s just a game
No one hears my sad goodbyes
And it’s okay since I know why
My blood and sweat creep through the dawn
It cannot sleep, why can’t it yawn
The thickened clouds block my sun’s rays
Make me blind, they have to pay
I need my pills, I need it now
The darkness creeps without a bow
While frail I ask them, “Can you hear?”
With no response, I’ll do my dare

The wind so strong, I can’t hold on
Before I know, my life is gone


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