Emotionally Triggering Music

Music has a unique way of temporarily setting us apart from reality. It’s like an emotional cure that channels us away from feeling the pain of resentment and sadness. Movies are like this too. Sometimes when we want to avoid all the problems in our lives, we then focus on the characters’ problems. When feeling depressed, dramatic movies can sometimes work the magic of providing that cathartic feeling. Sometimes in order to feel better, you have to watch these sad, emotional movies to let us know we are not alone – even if the characters are fictional.

During middle school, I was a big fan of video game music. No, I’m not referring to the epic, action-themed music, but the emotional kind. Have you heard of Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, or Halo? I’ve been looking up a lot of these songs on YouTube. These songs can really be emotionally uplifting, as it can instantaneously divert us into a “delusional” thinking all our problems are insignificant and that humanity is special and we should just all love one another — something like that…I don’t want to consider it to be delusional, but after I snap out of the trance of falling in love with the melody, I then realized the music is over and real life takes center stage.

I press re-play to dream again.

If you have a heart, and want to know what it’s like to be touched by something beautiful, watch this video. It’s a song from Final Fantasy titled “To Zanarkand” by Nobuo Uematsu. If this song can’t touch you, I don’t know what can.


2 thoughts on “Emotionally Triggering Music

  1. I do listen to music often and go into that state too 🙂 there’s a music theme from the anime Fairy Tail that still has its emotional and “flowing in the river to the past” kind of feeling on me. it’s just so beautiful and calming. I believe the title is Past Story.
    And by the way, I love the way you describe this sort of feeling the music gives you 🙂

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