Let’s Blog about Blogging…and a bit of complaining.

What a disappointing delay of an update. I’m not blogging about blogging because my ideas suppressed to a standstill — it just seems to be a relevant topic considering how I did not follow through the deadlines I set for myself. I’m 9 days past due. Shit. At least one post per week, Renee. Consistency is key. No excuses!

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 11.12.43 AM

Was I busy? Well, yes and no. I only work part-time at my service industry job, but the intensity of work I endure in a typical 6 hour shift weakens my body physically and mentally equivalent to [fill in creative analogy because I really can’t come up with one]. It’s multitasking to the extreme. If people want to underestimate how hard I really work at my job, they don’t know what hard work is. Sometimes I would just like to throw them into my shoes just to see how they can handle running a one-man-show behind the counter making coffee for the line of stern customers intimidatingly staring into their soul.

One would think that working in restaurants would cause the worker to lose some weight due to all the pacing and lifting on repeat. Honestly, all the mental stress involved cancels it out. Not only that, my entire body aches to such an extreme that it’s enough to make a legitimate excuse to skip the gym. My theory: working during a rush for 1 hour is equivalent to eating a cheeseburger.

I always tell myself: If I’m passionate about writing, I should keep up a steady schedule. People who have writing as  profession are hit with deadlines left and right and here I am, the “aspiring writer”, who is making excuses. Does forcing oneself to write hinder the creative process? I can’t be hard on myself, however. I watched a lot of YouTube videos from BigThink where writers share their advice and experiences with writing. It’s really motivating.

I am currently on medical leave from my employer due to surgery. More details on that hours before operation on Thursday — that’s tomorrow. Keep up with my Twitter because I really wanna show you guys my x-ray!  Since I’m going to be bedridden for days or maybe weeks, I will utilize the idle time to write and engage in stimulating reads. Hopefully.

I’ll keep you posted.


2 thoughts on “Let’s Blog about Blogging…and a bit of complaining.

    1. Thanks Otto!

      I am slowly recovering. Foot surgery is by far the most painful surgery I had experienced, but everything will be alright! 🙂

      I missed my own personal deadline again for this blog! But I forgive myself because surgery not only physically handicaps you, but mentally as well.

      See you soon!


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