How One Man Found Happiness Through Meditation

Please check out my review/summary of 10% Happier by Dan Harris!


Dan Harris differs from other reporters in his willingness to open up about his emotional setbacks. In his book 10% Happier, Harris provides a humorous, self-deprecating approach to detailing his discovery of a practical solution for taming the voice in his head – the voice he had been struggling with his whole life.

What brought his book to the New York Times bestsellers list, notwithstanding his status as a news journalist, is the fact that he was unafraid to go all-out candid with the emotional turmoil he faced from the beginning of his reporting career. He exposed his vulnerabilities to the public as he touched on his experience dealing with depression and substance abuse.

Harris is not just a correspondent, reporter or anchor for ABC News (though that may be what we know him as) – he is just like all of us – human. His openness receives praise from book critics to…

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