Searching for a Foundation

During this start-up phase of my blog, developments will surely run at a slow pace. I’m still deciding on exactly how this blog should be implemented. Should this be used as a self-help blog, or should I just guest post on other blogs? Maybe this blog should be a site exclusively about me – my bio, thoughts, my [hopeful] involvements in CNN and the Wall Street Journal.

My worries are that I can’t be egocentric anymore. I’d rather not bore the audience solely talking about myself. I learned that the hard way from all the blogs I’ve had since 2004. I was told by many I was a good writer, but most of my writings consisted of my personal life experiences…more like depressing life experiences.

Who wants to read a depressing blog? In almost 10 years in the making, I have found a way to turn my so-called “depressing” experiences into a guideline people can learn from. This will be my new slate.

As of late, I’m constantly interrupted from a good nights sleep as thoughts and ideas lay concentrated in my head, as I have my iPhone’s brightly lit screen sting my eyes just so I can record my voice and type up notes before I forget them. These IDEAS won’t stop. I’m getting kind of excited about it.

Same scenario happened a few hours ago. It’s Thursday morning now, and I have not had a second of sleep. It makes me wonder what successful writers do on a regular basis – do they have rephoto-2gular sleep schedules?

It’s 7AM here as I’m enjoying a solo breakfast at La Madeleine indulging in their “French Breakfast” meal, black coffee and some extraneous carbs in the background. Very simple, but tastes so good. Enjoy breakfast with me. Hope to see you soon!


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