Background of an aspiring writer

Texas in May 2014 I graduated with a psychology degree. Woo! The first couple months after walking the stage to obtain my treasured 8.5 X 11 thick piece of paper, I binged on job applications like never before. After all the tedious work attempting to land a job, I never received single a follow up  – not even those automated “We’re sorry we cannot hire you because apparently you’re not good enough” type of emails.

Flash forward 3 months, I am writing this. Nothing has changed. Instead of taking in a maudlin approach, I have decided to take advantage of it. This free time allowed me clear my thoughts and relax the sore muscles my brain endured prior to graduating. I always aspired to becoming a writer or a journalist, but family members have forcibly pushed down that dream my first year of college, as they scared me on how I will fail as a writer. In the x amount of years it took for me to graduate, I was just existing and not living. My creative outlet has been temporarily disabled due to lack of inspiration.

I don’t know what the future has in store for me. All I know is that I am an aspiring author/journalist who wants to make it a reality. Sharing stories, learning, traveling, and meeting new people is not a job – it’s an adventure! There is no other job out there that I could be intrinsically motivated in. This is my “aha” moment. I almost cried when I realized this is what I wanted to pursue.

Despite my irrelevant education and work experience, my eyes still lay on the prize. I will start ground zero and grow, and that is exactly what this blog is. Regardless of the turnout of events, I will still be doing what I love. Interviewing people (without that “reporter pass”), writing inspirational reports and short stories would still be as exciting whether or not I am being paid to do it. If CNN, ABC, NBC, Fox News or any other major news source decide to hire me in the process, what am I waiting for?


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